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Virginia is one of the recurring characters in the first and second season of Baby. She is portrayed by Federica Lucaferri.

Early Life[]

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

Virginia is Niccolo's girlfriend. She is very shallow and kind of mean. She gets into a fight with Ludo after joking about her sex tape with Brando.

She is devastated when she finds out Niccolo is cheating on her with Chiara. They split... again.

At the end of the season, she goes back with Niccolo and films a sex tape with him.

Season 2[]

Virginia is back with Niccolo and they seem strong. However, she soon starts suspecting the boy is cheating on her.

She breaks up with him again when they have a discussion over Chiara.

She tells Niccolo she might be pregnant. She pretends to take the pregnancy test and then she tells him she is, in fact, pregnant. Although, she isn’t.


Virginia is the constant 'on again, off again' girlfriend of Niccolo. Niccolo has a troubled relationship with his girlfriend and doesn’t admit that despite difficulties he is still in love with Chiara.

Physical Appearance[]

Virginia is a very pretty, tall girl with long, blonde hair. She has a sharp and remarkable face with thick hair, bushy brows and sparkly green eyes. Thus popular, Virginia is known for being extremely attractive