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Valentine's Day is the first episode of the third season of Baby. It aired on Netflix on September 16, 2020.


When an acquaintance is caught in a police raid, Chiara and Ludo worry for their safety. A private investigator offers Damiano a deal.


Chiara runs downstairs in her pajamas and her mother seems to be at a political event. She goes to school and seems unhappy and lifeless.

The girl, another prostitute, Sofia, comes to Chiara’s school and tells her that the police interviewed her when they caught her with a client. She warns Chiara. Chiara and Ludo run to Fiore to ask him about it and he tells them to ignore it and keep working.

Natalia meets up with Fiore and tells him to stop using the girls for a short while. He refuses and she calls him out on loving Ludo.

Ludo’s old teacher approaches Ludo’s mom and tells her about her prostitution. Ludo’s mom confronts Ludo and cries. Ludo accuses her of knowing the whole time.

Fabio goes to a club with his boyfriend and thinks he sees Brando but it’s just his imagination.

Chiara gets a note from Damiano to meet him at a restaurant. She runs to the restaurant in the rain and they share a tense, heated moment before entering the restaurant to talk.

Meanwhile, Brando has been home from school for weeks and refuses to eat or leave his bedroom.






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