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Truth or Dare is the fourth episode of the second season of Baby. It is the tenth episode of the series overall.


While a shell-shocked Chiara braces for fallout from the incident at Marge, Brando scrambles to shore up his tough-guy image, at school and at home.



Chiara immediately confronts Brando at school and demands that he delete the video. He refuses. Brando then walks up to the school entrance and sees "Brando Gay" spray painted in front of the school. Students start to laugh at him and take selfies with the graffiti. Brando is furious and wants to know who did it. Fabio denies everything.

Ludo and Chiara get in a fight next to the school track. They both say that they needed the other and that the other wasn't there for them.

Chiara's parents are working with Brando's parents on a marketing campaign. They want Chiara to be the face of the campaign, but Brando's father wants his daughter, Perla, to be the face. Reluctantly, Chiara's parents agree.

Alberto asks Simonetta to move in together, because he thinks it will be good for Ludo. Simonetta hesitates at first because she doesn't want to create too much change for Ludo.

Ludo goes out on an escort date with a new guy. They sleep together, but he gets too aggressive and Ludo pushes him off and leaves.

Fiore and Natalia sleep together and talk about their past romance.

Simonetta looks at Ludovica's phone and sees messages from a variety of men looking for "Desiree". It hits her that Ludovica is a prostitute.

Brando blackmails Chiara with the video of her having sex. He agrees to delete it if she does him a favor. That favor is breaking up with Damiano, which extremely confuses Damiano, and dating Brando instead. Brando doesn't want his classmates to think he is gay. Chiara does what Brando asks and they walk in the hall, holding hands, and kiss in front of everyone. This is a shock to most who know Chiara and Brando, because it doesn't seem like either one of them. Fabio is particularly surprised and hurt.







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