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The Offer is the second episode of the second season of Baby. It is the eighth episode of the series overall.


Fiore surprises Chiara at school and takes her on a drive. Ludo locks horns with her new teacher. Damiano's late-night exploits leave him drained.



Damiano is completely exhausted from working late nights as a driver. Fiore had blackmailed Damiano from the accident with Saverio. Fiore asked Damiano to drive Natalia, another prostitute, around and protect her. Damiano agreed -however his grades started to suffer from the late nights. Chiara and his dad ask him about, but he claims that he's just not been sleeping well.

Fiore figures out that Ludovica and Chiara have Saverio's phone and have been using it to access contacts. He unexpectedly shows up at Chiara's school to take her on a little drive. He explains to her that she and Ludo would be safer with the protection he provides. He also drives her to where Damiano is, showing her that he too has secrets. Chiara sees Damiano with Natalia and wonders how Damiano got involved in this.

Meanwhile, Fabio's father (the school's dean) and Ludovica's mother have begun seeing each other and have decided to have their first dinner together with their respective children. After a honest talk with Ludo's mother, Fabio decides to lean on his urges. The day after, he has a passionate encounter with Brando in the school's bathroom.

Chiara agrees to take clients on, through Fiore, in exchange for letting Damiano free of the blackmail that he is holding against him. Fiore agrees, knowing that "Emma" is a very popular client who will bring in a ton of money.







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