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No More Secrets is the fourth episode of the third season of Baby. It aired on Netflix on September 16, 2020.


As her new life begins to unravel, Ludo makes a desperate move. A TV interview puts Chiara in a difficult position. Damiano opens up to Aurora.


Things are going badly for Ludo after she gets accused of being the prostitute, "Emma". Fedeli informs her that she will probably be expelled as well as investigated by police. She can't help but wonder why Chiara, her best friend, doesn't admit to being Emma. After receiving a visit from Inspector Comini, who will try once again to persuade her not to protect Fiore, Ludo decides to go to Berlin with Fiore.

Chiara goes to visit Sofia and she learns from her that Niccolò went to visit her. Chiara finally traces the identity of the author of the writings on the bathroom door: it was Niccolò. Chiara talks to Niccolò. He even urges her to apologize to Damiano if they really do love each other. Niccolò reveals to her that it was her mother who phoned the school and denounced Ludo, ruining her life forever.

Damiano continues to spend time with Aurora , who realizes that Chiara is still a gray area in Damiano's life. After telling Aurora everything, Damiano will end up pushing her away when he is confronted about his mistakes with Chiara .

Having learned of Ludo's disappearance, Simonetta and Fedeli go to the inspector to report his disappearance: they are aware of how dangerous Fiore is and the threat he poses for Ludo, but things are more complex than they seem. Now that Ludovica is of age, things get complicated: the only thing they have against Fiore are Ludo's words, corroborated by Simonetta.

Simonetta understands that, in order to protect her daughter, this time she will have to behave like a mother: for this she will admit to the inspector and to Fedeli himself that she had been aware of Ludo's activities, who only wanted to help her financially. The inspector will arrest Simonetta for aiding and abetting prostitution.

Monica tells Damiano that she will leave Collodi, and reminds him that everything that happened with Khalid is not her fault: she will always be there for Damiano. Meanwhile, Fabio is furious with Alessandro over an article he wrote about Ludo, portraying her as a pathological materialist. Fabio breaks up with Alessandro and goes straight to Brando's house to make up. Brando and Fabio make love for the first time in Brando's bedroom.

After going to the lawyer to anticipate that she will need his help when they go to trial, Chiara goes on Instagram to confess the truth and defend Ludo.




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