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Make a Wish is the third episode of the third season of Baby. It aired on Netflix on September 16, 2020.


On the eve of her 18th birthday, a defiant Ludo accepts a challenge from Virginia. Meanwhile, Chiara faces one unsettling surprise after another.


Ludo's 18th birthday is approaching , and Ludo feels she can finally begin to change everything that is wrong with her life. Having left prostitution behind, Ludo wants to have a new beginning and close that painful chapter in her life

Camilla discovers that Virginia is pretending to be pregnant. Meanwhile, Fedeli is cornered. If the name of the girl involved in the scandal really comes up, he'll lose his job.

Chiara's parents want to protect her by paying the blackmailer and completely covering up the affair. After speaking with Simonetta who confirmed that she was aware of Ludo's past a short time before, Elsa realizes that the only way to protect Chiara from the scandal was to give the name of someone else: specifically, that of Ludo.

Meanwhile Damiano discovers from Chiara that the photographer he worked with, convinced that this would allow him to clean up her and Ludo's names and put Fiore in jail, blackmailed his parents. Chiara feels betrayed by Damiano: in fact it is as if he had pointed her out to his parents, but as Ludo points out, that was not his intent.

Fabio learns from his boyfriend Alessandro that Roberto , Brando's father, is under house arrest and is involved in the case of underage prostitutes. Fabio will be able to go up to Brando's house and talk to him through the door. Brando confesses that he really wants to change.

Chiara spends Ludo's birthday with her. Chiara is afraid that when Ludo leaves Collodi she she will find herself alone. Most of all, Chiara fears that she has lost the love of her parents forever. Ludo convinces her that this is not the case: love is greater than any nonsense that Chiara may have done.

Fiore is wanted all over Rome, and continues to hide. Inspector Comini visits Simonetta and Ludo in the shop, urging Ludo to stop protecting her ex-boyfriend. Ludo finds Fiore outside of her house on her birthday to wish her happy birthday. Fiore keeps a gun hidden in the back of his pants, and seems determined to persuade Ludo to leave forever. Ludo tells him he doesn't want to erase what they've been through together, but it's time to look forward.




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