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Ghosts is the third episode of the second season of Baby. It is the ninth episode of the series overall.


Nagging suspicions drive a wedge between Chiara and Damiano. Brando is forced to choose sides when Nico and the others attack Fabio at school.



Damiano sleeps over at Chiara's house. She finds a lipstick in his jacket pocket and gets suspicious. Damiano is vague and doesn't say much about it.

Cami is back at Istituto C. Collodi and Fabio is thrilled to have her back -Chiara doesn't seem so happy about it. Cami instantly falls in with her brother's crowd of friends, who are a bad influence.

Virginia, suspecting Niccolo and Monica's relationship, cries and confesses to Monica that she thinks Nico is cheating on her. Monica gives her a hug and later breaks things off with Nico because "he is just a kid". Niccolo is furious.

Fabio continues to cheat on his boyfriend with Brando. They have a fun flirty secret relationship.

Boys at school surround Fabio in the bathroom. Cami is there and even lends them her lipstick to put on Fabio's face. Brando is there as well and does nothing to stop it, even though he claims that he tried to warn Fabio. Chiara steps in to save Fabio.

There is a Halloween dance at school, which Chiara attends. She gets bored and leaves to go to an escort party, where she sleeps with a politician. Brando follows Chiara and gets a video of them having sex, which horrifies the politician, Chiara, and Fiore because of the risk this creates.

Damiano and Ludo both go to the school party looking for Chiara, and when they realize she isn't there they decide to hang out and have fun together. Fabio and Brando have a discussion at the club, with Brando refusing to admit he is gay. Furious, Fabio spray paints the school's wall with a graffiti which reads "Brando gay".







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