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Fiore is one of the main characters in Baby. He is portrayed by Giuseppe Maggio.



Early Life[]


Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

Fiore works with Saverio in the nightclub. He helps him to entice Chiara and Ludo into sex work.

Fiore quickly grows fond of Ludovica. He gives her a red purse and even offers to pay her school fees. She refuses the free money. Fiore takes her to Saverio to find her work so she can earn her own money, but this damages Ludo's trust for him. When he takes her home from the club, he offers her the money again; this time as payment rather than as a gift.

When driving Ludo to her date with the dentist, she tells Fiore about how she fell in love with Brando and how he betrayed her trust by leaking their video. Fiore later approaches Brando in his car and breaks his nose.

Fiore accompanies Saverio, Ludo, and Chiara to Manuel's party. He seems to disapprove of Saverio taking pictures of the girls, and Saverio realizes that he has fallen "in love" with Ludo. His cousin reminds him that what they do is business. Fiore then watches Ludo dance on the floor with several other men. Ludo notices him, and walks over to sit on his lap before Fiore teases her with a drug which he then pops into his mouth. The two kiss and the drug is transferred to Ludo's tongue. Afterwards, the two dance.

When Ludo tries to cover for Chiara upon Damiano's arrival, she exclaims that she feels sick and needs to get out of the party. Saverio, Damiano and Fiore all escort her to the car. Saverio begins to touch Ludo while Damiano drives and Fiore sits in the passenger. Damiano tries to speak up in Ludo's defense, but Fiore yells at him to mind his own business. The car gets into an accident and Fiore is left to deal with it while Damiano and Ludo run off.

Fiore tries to call Ludo several times after the accident, but she ignores him. When Chiara visits Fiore at the club, Fiore tells her that their business is on hold because he has no interest in it.

Fiore and Ludo eventually meet up, and he tells her that he will not forgive Saverio for what he did. Fiore later visits Saverio in the hospital, and his cousin's heart rate begins to spike. Instead of calling for help, Fiore unplugs the heart monitor. He uses Saverio's death as blackmail for Damiano, who begins to work under him by selling drugs.

Fiore begins to pick up his cousin's business, but Ludo approaches him and tells him that she's done. He then demands her to pay back the money he gave her for the school fees.

Season 2[]

Fiore takes over Saverio's position and continues to manipulate Chiara and Ludo into working for him. When Ludo and Chiara begin to operate their own independent business, Fiore hires on Natalia.


Physical Appearance[]

Fiore is tall and good-looking. He has dark brown short hair and a scruffy beard.


Season 1[]

Season 2[]