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Dead End is the fifth episode of the second season of Baby. It is the eleventh episode of the series overall.


Ludo's mother drops a bombshell, Damiano tries to make sense of Chiara's sudden change of heart, and Chiara meets Brando's family.



Simonetta, after learning about Ludo's secret job, decides it's time to move in with Alberto. Alberto and Fabio move to Simonetta's house that week.

While hanging out with Fabio, Damiano sees someone following them and taking pictures.

Chiara goes to an escort dinner and meets another escort who is also her age, but has a different pimp.

One of Ludo's escorting clients starts to stalk her. He shows up at her mother's store and leaves a note saying that he will see her again soon. Ludo's mom is shocked by it and Ludo starts to get scared. Her teacher, Tommaso, tells her that he's there for her if she needs help.

Damiano, distraught over his breakup with Chiara, goes to Natalia and pays to have sex with her as an attempt to get over Chiara.

Chiara admits to Cami that Brando has a video of them having sex and that he won't delete it. Cami offers to get his phone passcode for her. Chiara is grateful.

Fabio gets dumped by his boyfriend Alessandro and later confides to Ludo that he had a fling with Brando.

Later, at a party, Cami sends her a code. Chiara tries to use it but it doesn't work and she realizes Cami lied to her. Brando catches Chiara using his phone, and furiously drags her to a bedroom. He video tapes himself pushing Chiara on the bed and trying to force her to have sex. Chiara screams at him and tells him that he will pay.







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