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Chiara Altieri is one of the main characters in Baby. She is portrayed by Benedetta Porcaroli.

Throughout the Series[]

Chiara was born on June 18th 2002. She is a a 16 year old high school student prostitute. She is aiming to study abroad in New York City next year in her school's prestigious exchange program. Her best friend at the time, Cami, also hopes to go with her. Although Chiara has a "good girl" reputation, she often feels lost in her "bubble". Her parents on the verge of divorce, no longer speak to each other — consequently they hardly speak to her much either.

Chiara strikes up an unexpected friendship with Ludovica, an girl who is a bit of an outcast at school due to her promiscuous reputation. This gives her life some excitement. She starts to drift from her best friends, Cami and Fabio. Ludo invites Chiara to a bar where they can get free cocktails and cut the line because "she knows the owner", a guy named Saverio.

Saverio draws in Chiara and Ludovica into a new scheme- going on dates with men to make money. Chiara starts a secret life as an escort, excited by the thrill of it all. It does not seem entirely clear as to why she chose to do it.

Chiara has two "love" interests throughout season 1. The first is her best friend's brother - Niccolo who she has been secretly sleeping with, even though he is in a serious relationship. The whole school eventually finds out, which leads everyone into teasing her, and is one of the reasons her best friend, Cami begins to ostracize her.

The second is the new guy at school, Damiano who she has a budding (but complicated) relationship and flirtation with. They befriend each other throughout Season 1, and share a few sweet moments and eventually a kiss.

In the second season, one night, Damiano meets Chiara, and his face is severely bruised. Of course, this makes her worried and she confronts him about it. He tells her everything about how Fiore had been blackmailing him after the Saverio car accident, and forcing him to work. Subsequently, Chiara rhyming makes a deal with Fiore- forget the blackmail with Damiano and she will start to escort again.

Chiara continues her secret life in Season 2, going out with a variety of men- including well known politicians. Brando manages to catch on to Chiara's schemes. He catches Chiara on videotape, having sex with an old politician. He uses the video to blackmail her. After a rumor about Brando being gay is started, he asks Chiara to dump Damiano and start to date him (in pretend) so that his classmates don't think he's gay, which he secretly is. (He had a few incidents with Fabio.)

Chiara does what Brando asks, and is devastated at having to end her relationship with Damiano. Brando later records a video of him and Chiara apparently having sexual intercourse, putting it online for everyone to see. Chiara through a connection manages to get blackmail on Brando and forces him to delete her prostitution video.

Chiara tells Damiano she still has feelings for him but that she is not the perfect girl he thinks she is. She tells him she is ready to have a future with him if he wants to hear the entire truth about who she really is. She leaves a letter for him to read. Damiano appears to be saddened, overwhelmed, and confused by it.

In the third season, Chiara continues to live her life but gets worried about prostituting herself after her friend Sofia gets caught. An investigator eventually calls her out. She owns up to being "Emma" and her mother's election campaign gets messed up.

At the end of season 3, Chiara and Ludo get matching teddy bear tattoos. In the end, both girls are seen looking down at their own tattoos with a look of fondness and melancholy. It is alluded that the two girls have lost contact with one another.

Chiara had yet to reveal that she continued to prostitute in a deal with Fiore in exchange for Damiano and Ludo’s freedom from Fiore in s2, thus leaving Damiano torn by Chiara’s decisions and the two break up.

Chiara and Damiano still love each but make up as friends after the scandal.

In the finale of season 3, Chiara receives a friendly visit by Niccolo in what appears to be group home. Chiara is left alone in her room in the finale scene, as Ludo looks on optimistically in her new school.


  • Damiano Younes - boyfriend in Season 2.
  • Niccolo - they used to sleep together, secret boyfriend in Season 1 (formerly), boyfriend in the on of Season 3 (confirmed by the director)
  • Brando - fake boyfriend in Season 2 after Brando blackmails her.

Physical Appearance[]

Chiara is tall, with shoulder-length blonde hair. She is pretty and in general, modest. She often wears her school's uniform, but she likes to dress up fancier when she goes out to escort parties and clubs.


Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]


"We're immersed in a wonderful see-through fish tank, but we long for the sea" ― Chiara


  • Chiara's story is based on a real life story