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April 26th, 1915 is the second episode of the third season of Baby. It aired on Netflix on September 16, 2020.


A story on a gossip site sends rumors flying at Collodi- and prompts Ludo to make big changes. Damiano sneaks a camera into Fiore's spare apartment.


Damiano moves into an apartment alone to escape his father's interference. Damiano has a party, where Niccolo , Vittorio and Carlo also invite themselves. At the party, Alessandro, Fabio's boyfriend, talks about Sofia, whom the boys knew about.

When Aurora, the new student Damiano met a few days earlier, takes Sofia’s defense, Damiano lets it slip that even in Collodi there are those who prostitute themselves . Alessandro starts gossip at school about Ludo and how he thinks she is a prostitute.

At the party, Damiano talks to Aurora while Brando, having left the house to meet Fabio will be rejected by the latter who tells him that he must have misunderstood his concern. Brando will step aside, but Fabio still seems to have him in his heart. In the meantime, Roberto has returned home to De Sanctis , under house arrest pending trial, to the delight of his daughter Perla. Brando turns pale when he finds himself in front of his father, who is unaware that he was the one who was arrested by providing the video to the investigators.

Brando comes back to Collodi and gets in a fight with Niccolò , accusing him of having been a bad friend and of never having looked out for him while he was locked up in the house. Niccolò also brings up the affair Brando and Fabio have been having. Monica breaks up the fight. Camilla is distressed, convinced that Chiara will never forgive her. Niccolò urges her not to give up, but even he can't get her out of his head, especially now that he's forced to stay by Virginia's side for the sake of their baby. Pietro Comini, the police officer who is leading the investigation surrounding Sofia’s case, came to Collodi to speak with Fedeli . The principal denies any possible involvement of the students at Collodi. Later, Pietro pretends to be the brother of a future student to approach Ludo and steal information from her. This agent follows Ludo to Fiore’s apartment.

After Simonetta helped her study, giving her the courage to believe in herself, Ludo asks Chiara to meet at the apartment to talk. Chiara wants to tell her that Fiore paid Martino to scare her. Chiara continued to meet with the client who, after Valentine's Day, showed up at her house during an election meeting for her mom . It was their meeting that was filmed, unbeknownst to them, by the camera that, on the orders of Pacini, Damiano placed in the teddy bear in the bedroom thanks to the apartment keys recovered by Natalia. The photographer goes to knock on the door of Chiara's parents and showed them photos of Chiara’s other life.




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