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100 Days is the fifth episode of the third season of Baby. It aired on Netflix on September 16, 2020.


While Chiara deals with the fallout from her post, Ludo searches for an escape. Damiano seeks advice from Monica, and Brando confronts his father.


The relapse of Chiara's Instagram confession about being Emma is explosive. Elsa withdrew her candidacy from the electoral race, while journalists started to crowd around their house.

Chiara will testify at the trial, where Roberto De Sanctis, Brando's father, is among the defendants. Brando's mother kicks her husband out of the house.

Chiara goes to Collodi the following morning and her schoolmates consider her to be infected. Damiano is her only ally in this chaos: he and Chiara will kiss and Chiara admits that she ruined everything. Meanwhile, Khalid prepares to divorce Monica and return to Lebanon.

Brando goes back to school and kisses Fabio in front of everyone. Niccolò watches the scene and smiles. Later, the two will mend their friendship.

Fiore has isolated Ludo more and more, after witnessing Chiara's confession. He doesn't let her call Chiara or access her phone to hide what happened. Ludo realizes what's going on and makes a plan. After stealing money from his hiding place, Ludo gets back his smartphone and sends his location to Inspector Comini. Fiore gets arrested.

Ludo and Chiara go for a carefree swim in the water to escape before the trial.




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